Hello! I'm

Yue (Eve) Hu

I am a PhD student in computer science at Vanderbilt University and the Institute for Software Integrated Systems. My research interest lies in machine learning, anomaly detection, data and artificial intelligence applications to real world systems.
In my free time, I love traveling, food, and playing ping-pong.



  • Oct 2020: Excited to be joining Facebook (Seattle) as Machine Learning Engineer for summer internship 2021!
  • Jan 2021: Our paper Robust Tensor Recovery with Fiber Outliers for Traffic Events is accepted by ACM TKDD.
  • Sept 2020: Won finalist and Best student paper at SMC Data Challenge 2020 hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Great work with Ao qu, Yu Wang and Yanbing Wang!
  • May 2020: Read our recent article: THE REBOUND: HOW COVID-19 COULD LEAD TO WORSE TRAFFIC. Great work with Will Barbour, Prof. Samitha Samaranayake, and Prof. Dan Work!
  • Dec 2019: Presented at Neurips 2019 CCAI - Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Workshop, on Automatic data cleaning via tensor factorization for large urban environmental sensor networks. Great work with Canwen Jiao and Yanbing Wang!
  • Dec 2019:Won NeurIPS Travel Award, and Travel grant to CCAI NeurIPS, Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Workshop.
  • Nov 2019: Gave a talk at Georgia Tech on Robust Tensor Recovery for Traffic Events, during the Southeast Controls Conference. Thanks Prof. Sam Coogan for invitation!
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